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United Cleaning Services

United Cleaning provide the cleaning services at Gallagher Group in Hamilton. Gallagher’s is a very successful family owned company who started out making Farm machinery and electric fences. They developed from there to now providing a huge range of animal management equipment, access control, perimeter security fencing, monitoring systems and fuel pump systems to more than 130 countries around the world

 Our cleaners provide a mix of day time cleaning (full time) and after hours cleaning at their complex. United get regular compliments from there senior management about our staff’s performance in general but particularly regarding Julia Soper our day supervisor on site. Julia has worked for United Cleaning for a number of years and right from her first part-time job showed that she was reliable and prepared to get the job done to a top standard. She would always put her hand up for extra work and do it with a smile on her face.

 When United Cleaners were awarded the contract at Gallagher’s the existing supervisor informed me at the last minute that she would not be transferring to our employment, I immediately contacted Julia who was delighted to get the opportunity of a full-time supervisory role.  Within days of commencing the contract, the positive feedback from Gallagher’s management was received on a regular basis.  Within the first month Julia was invited to take up a position on Gallagher’s Health & safety committee – As Their H&S Manager commented to me “why would we not utilise a person who either covers or oversees every area of our site on a daily basis”

  A recent email

 To Margaret Comer (Corporate Services Executive) at Gallagher’s which she passed on to me reads: I just want to tell you what I and others think about our cleaning lady on our floor and the rest of the main admin building.  She (Julia) is an exceptional worker – always here before 7am & leaves way after 4.30 when I go home.  She works continuously and tirelessly and is a very good cleaner.

Please pass my (and plenty of others) thanks on…

Thanks & Regards



We think Julia is a special lady and is one of our many diligent staff who go out day in & day out and provide a great service There are many of our team who also deserve this recognition