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TPS Wellington Go the extra mile to thank their cleaning staff

Our staff have been kept in the dark regarding this special day up until last Friday when the Management Team went out and about decorating each and every one of our cleaners rooms across all our sites, Thank Your Cleaner Day posters were put up along with streamers and balloons in the orange and blue TPS colours, this set the scene and excitement for today’s festivities

Our morning started off early with the collection of 100 cupcakes for our staff branded again in TPS colours with a screen printed icing disk with the TYCD logo, on speaking to Erik who collected these this was a very stressful drive to our destination

All Day Staff were sent a message asking to meet at our largest lunchroom today at 11.00am on arrival they were advised all about how the day came about and how proud we were of the recognition they had received from all our clients, our major client Precinct properties had uploaded the TYCD screensaver into all their lift cars across all their buildings which was fantastic, many of our clients completed personally signed letters for our staff as well as arranging their own thank you items for our staff

 Our day staff were very overwhelmed by the morning tea, their badges and letters with some advising that was the best day ever!

 After the mornings festivities it was time to head back to the office where we received many messages from clients including a special photo from IAG after they had presented our day cleaner Renee Paul with a lovely bunch of flowers, chocolates and vouchers after they decided to complete a collection, there was also a number of boxes of chocolates for our night team

 We regrouped again with all our night staff before their commencement of shift this evening and they too had the same reaction as our day staff albeit a much louder response due to the size of the team

 All in all it was a fantastic day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all 

TPS Wellington Night Staff 3.jpgRenee Paul and IAG Management TPS.JPGCupcake Close Up TPS.jpg

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