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Spotless building relationships over 40 years

Building relationships over 40 years of service at Southland Girls High School.

The cleaning contract started in 1975, and we are still cleaning the long corridors and classrooms at Southland Girls High School, Invercargill 40 years on. This school was established in 1879, and is the only state Years 7-13 girls’ school in New Zealand.

Southland Girls High School Mission Statement

“A quality learning community where relationships count and excellence is expected”.

Relationships are important and have been built with cleaning staff, teachers and students over many years. We employ a team of 8 staff, and over half the team have worked more than 10+ years.

Shirley will turn over 40 years’ service in 2016, Jenny, 30+ years, Sue,  20 years’ and  Tina and Leigh will both reach 10 years’ service in 2016. Three generations of one family are working within the school through the strong relationships built up with Southland Girls High School staff.

Southland is a place where relationships count.


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