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Shirley Fasi - Spotless

Shirley Fasi - Celebrating 40 years' service at Southland Girls High School


Spotless Facilities Services has provided cleaning services at Southland Girls High School, Invercargill since 1975. On the  17 March 1996 Shirley Fasi was employed as a cleaner to work at the school, Shirley has many memories some are of riding the vacuums down the long vinyl corridors, secretly smoking in the toilets. But Shirley has been more than a cleaner to many she has been a friend, a member of one's family and even a mother to some who needed some of Shirley's great but to the point advice.


Shirley's achievement of 40 years' service was celebrated at Southland Girls' High School surrounded by her co-workers, teachers and students this year. The school choir sang a song called 'Titanium' as Shirley has been an indestructible strength to the school community. She received a beautiful  SGHS emblem blanket, a brick with her name and years' service engraved on it which has been placed within the school grounds with many other people that have been acknowledge in some way at the school.


Noreen Melvin, Deputy Principal has known Shirley for over 20 years and they have form an unbreakable friendship. Shirley has seen Noreen's daughter start at the school as a young girl and watched her blossom into a young teenage girl headed out to the big wide world.


Noreen and the school would like to comment saying that Shirley has worked under several principals and deputy principals and has lived through many educational shifts and changes of staffing. She has gone from a time when our West Wing corridors had shined and polished vinyl stretching their length to the laying of carpets in these spaces.  More recently she was there when the East Wing was added to our campus with the addition of our Year 7 and 8 students.


Shirley has always been the concerned carer of staff.  She is one who hears about the talents of our staff, babies to be born, the engagements, marriages, illnesses and passing of loved ones.  Shirley is the one telling staff to go home when she feels they have done enough in a day and she will regularly compliment staff on the work they have been doing or ask questions about their role.  She is a listening ear and a good friend to so many staff and their families.


Shirley also manages the caretakers at SGHS well, ensuring they know who is the boss and who is the person really caring for our space to make sure it functions well for staff and students on a daily basis. Shirley knows the day to day running of our school and responds to all our needs with initiative.  


The look of our school is often remarked upon by visitors and this is due largely to Shirley's 40 years of care.  The success of the Spotless contract has always been based on her commitment and dedication to us as a community.


Shirley Fasi has been truly dedicated to her job, the client, the school, staff and the students. She is an asset to Spotless and has shown true dedication to her job. We would like to Thank Shirley on behalf of Spotless Facilities Services, Thank You for your 40 years' service to Southland Girls' High School.


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